Lessons For Health, Lessons For Life!
Dual Dragons Martial Arts & the Dee Cheng Kung Fu Academy specialize in offering Martial Arts training for
the entire family.  Whether your goals are to learn realistic Self-Defense for you & your children,  learn the
techniques & strategies of your favorite Mixed Martial Arts star, or just get the total body, head to toe
workout that martial arts training provides, we have you covered!

For more info on our Programs, and to view our Recent Announcements and Membership Specials,  just scroll
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about Dual Dragons programs, please email us at
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Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Striking Class
Learn the art that kick started the MMA Revolution!

Developed by Bruce Lee over 35 years ago, the Dual Dragons JKD Class
runs Monday mornings and Wednesday nights.  This beginner's course
focuses on properly teaching students the core striking fundamentals and
techniques of Jeet Kune Do with an emphasis on Self Defense & Fitness

Authentic JKD lineage through Sifu Ted Wong!
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ground Fighting Class

The BJJ ground fighting class teaches students how to properly takedown,
control and eventually submit their opponents.  Utilizing body leverage and
proper technique, Jiu Jitsu allows a smaller person to control and defeat a
larger opponent.  From the MMA fighter to the Military Service Men &
Women, Braziilan Jiu Jitsu is one of the most effective self defense systems
in the world.
Dual Dragons MMA Fit Program for Adults
Mixed Martial Arts for Self Defense & Fitness Training!
HERE for additional program info, hours and prices!
Dual Dragons Martial Arts
Dual Dragons Children's Programs
Authentic Chinese Kung Fu
Learn Authentic Chinese Kung Fu from Master Deema Chen!

This children's program will introduce your child to the beautiful
culture of China and its art of Wushu, while teaching your child
the discipline and respect developed through martial arts
training.  For more info on our school and Master Deema's
program, check out her website