Sifu Ted Wong Seminar Summer '06
Sifu Andrew and Sifu Shawn   
posing w/ Sifu Ted Wong
Sifu Eric and Kelly "Prep" P. striking a
pose along side Sifu Ted Wong
From left to right: Justin C, Andrew F, Dave T,
Sifu Ted Wong, Sifu Mike Rutter, Shawn N,
Greg, Mike N.
Greater Midwest Submission Hunt 2008
Congratulations to Brynn
& Sifu Drew Furman
on their 1st Place finishes!
Drew Furman
1st Place 160-169lb Beginner
Dual Dragons Martial Arts
Sensei Alex's Arnis De Mano Pilgrimage
San Diego August 2011
Tournament Announcements
Congratulations to Bernie Williamson on his 2nd Place finish at the 2011 Army National
Guard Combatives Tournament!  Great Job Bernie!

CPT Bernie's Williamson's Welterweight Finals Match
Brynn Harms
1st Place Heavyweight Beginner